Hi, hope you looking for modeling opportunities!

At whatever age, from whatever part of Finland, Europe or world, we make it easy to break into the exciting world of modeling.
If you are, or know someone who is, a beautiful girl, from 18 years of age and who would be perfect for pose nude, you can audition by mail. New models that fit my criteria are welcome to apply. I have all the time and patience in the world for genuine models who want to learn.

Generally 18-25, very pretty, slim, toned and flexible.
Good clear skin.
Please advise me of any scaring or stretch marks.

I may shoot adult images, but in general I dislike the porn industry. If you work with me, it is a professional arrangement; you will be treated as a fellow professional with courtesy and respect. You pose like never before and I love to take the photos.

Yours, Aku Virta

PS. Voit ottaa yhteyttä myös suomeksi :)